Reason of Weakness In man

During any phase of the sexual period or response cycle which prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity or intercourse, this is called the sexual problem or sexual dysfunction.

Reason of Weakness In man

Reason of Weakness In man

 The cycle experiences  four phases which are as per the following:
Many of the researches conducted suggest that sexual dysfunction is very common out of all 43% of them are women and 31% of them are men. It is a topic of concern majorly for the hesitant or introverts who face problem to discuss their sexual problems with the partner or specialists. There is nothing like that sexual problems cannot be cured its is completely manageable but only when one comes out from itself and discuss openly.
Everything starts up in your mind. The same is the case with sexual problems they are caused due to psychological reasons. Although psychology affects our physiology and physiology becomes the second reason for sexual dysfunction. Both the reasons are responsible for sexual problems in  men and women  at their own individual levels”
Physical causes: Many of the physical or medical conditions are the resultants of sexual issues. Conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease,  chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse give birth to sexual problems. In addition, sexual desire and function can be harmed due to various medications such as antidepressants or due to drug abuse.
Psychological causes: Stress and anxiety are the major reason for concern about sexual performance, marital issues, relationship problems, depression, guilt feelings, past sexual trauma.
Both men and women are affected by sexual dysfunction or sexual problems. This happens mainly in adults of all ages. Out of the most commonly affected are the seniors, as the issue related to them is health degradation.
Sexual dysfunction is found both in men and women. Depending on various causes which are discussed as under.

Reason of Weakness In man

Men face sexual dysfunction due to physiological and psychological reasons.

Physiological reasons: 
Low testosterone levels
Drugs prescribed like antidepressants, high blood pressure medicines
Blood vessel disorders
Nerve damage
Disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, etc
Any surgery happened in past
Drug abuse

Psychological reasons:
Stress or anxiety
sexual performance concerns
Marital issues or relationship problems
feelings of guilt
Effects of past sexual trauma
Women face complicated sexuality issues. Their core need is of closeness and intimacy. Females not only feel concern about psychological needs but also about their physical needs. When there is a problem in either the emotional or physical part of their life, they start facing the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Reason of Weakness In man

Some common causes of the sexual problem are:

Emotional causes are stress and anxiety, relationship problems, depression, sexual abuse memory or rape and body shaming.
Physical causes, such as hormonal imbalance, pain from an injury or past surgery, and suffering from a disease like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc
Aging causes dryness in the vagina.
Being under Medication or pills (i.e) antidepressants, sleeping pills, etc.

 It can be corrected by treating physical or psychological problems. 

Medical treatment: Any physical problem is treated that may be contributing to a men/woman sexual dysfunction.
Medications: Medicines which involves treatment of ejaculation, give strength for sex derive, mood enhancers, oils used on penis or vagina to have better intercourse etc, help in treating sexual dysfunction,
Hormones: hormonal treatment therapies like testosterone increment therapy for males are possible to be conducted.
Psychological therapy: meeting a counselor and discussing the problem openly to overcome stress and anxiety, a couple can visit altogether or individually in person to ask for a better solution to their problems.
Mechanical aids- Physical sources are available that keep men organ upright during sexual intercourse. Transplantation is possible for women if the medication doesn't improve the situation of dysfunctioning.
Education and communication: to overcome the sexual barriers in life one must get the proper education on sex and sex-related problems and how to overcome them. Various seminars can be conducted by doctors where the sufferers can actively participate or share the experiences after getting any new sort of mechanical aid. Communication plays an active role where the mind changes altogether when people listen to each other.

In order to improve the sexual performance and get rid of the problems faced together as a couple or individually one can sort it out in the following ways:

Focus on foreplay
Trying the start-stop technique
Try something new with postures or props
Manage anxiety, stress or depression
Focus on exercising
Get more sleep
Eat healthily
Quit smoking
Don’t be in drug abuse
Communicate with partner
Address relationship issues (meeting counselor)
Sex therapy
Trying herbal medicines like ginseng
Managing chronic health problems like diabetes

Sex Time Increase Food

FOOD  plays an important role in increasing your sexual performance. There are certain foods that look like our body organs and perform their beneficial functions for that particular organ.  One of the renowned personalities, Dr. Vijay Singhal, Sexologist with Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute brings out the truth behind certain foods which helps one to relieve the tension of sexual dysfunction by eating sex time increase food certain healthy foods.

These foods are listed below:

Dark chocolate
One should consume these fruits on a daily basis not only to stay fit but solving various issues of life like they help in managing stress and anxiety. Balancing hormonal imbalance, improving sexual dysfunction, etc.

Education and professional assistance can help to solve the problem of sexual dysfunction rather than to blame oneself or his/her partner. A variety of educational resources like books or the internet can provide a reference or knowledge on the point for understanding what normal and healthy forms of sexuality are like. These resources can also educate people about sexual anatomy, reproductive health, and family planning. If required, sexual therapists can be hired to help people to overcome their psychological and physiological sexual tensions.