Depression and weight loss

Depression and weight lossMany people seem to lose their weight when they are in stress. Depression can have a major impact on your weight. Sometime depression may lead to weight gain, but in most cases, it causes weight loss. The impact of depression varies from person to person or even situation to situation.

Depression and weight loss

Many people skip meals in the case when they are having any kind of stress. There may be poor food choices in case of depression. While depression causes a complete loss of desire to eat in some people. This is the major reason for Depression and weight loss in the case of depression. You will regain your weight when you overcome your stress period. 

We worked to find the process of how stress can disrupt your body’s internal functioning and impact of depression on your body’s physiology. Here in this article, we will also tell you the way to manage depression-related weight loss. We will also tell you the threshold symptom when you must consult a doctor. 

Let’s discuss the signs depicting your weight loss is connected to depression.
· Depression is some time reason for unexpected weight loss. Here we are enlisting other symptoms due to Depression and weight loss:
· Indigestion is among major reasons because of depression that causes weight loss.
· In stress conditions, you will also feel headache, aches, and pains.
· Tense muscles are another symptom of depression.
· You will notice mood changes in depressed persons.
· A depressed person always seems fatigued.
· There is a problem with falling and staying asleep for a depressed person. 
· Short term memory loss is another complication for a depressed person. 
· There will be an increased heart rate.
· Sex drive will reduce.

Weight loss by depression will be

· Sudden
· You will lose more than 10 pounds without effort.
· You will lose weight for no apparent reason.
· Your weight will drop by several pounds in a short period.

Depression and weight loss

The question arises, why depression leads to weight loss(Depression and weight loss)? In stressed conditions, you will engage in different weird behavior like staying up late to meet a compulsory deadline or working through lunch. These changes will further degrade your body’s internal reaction. 

In stress conditions, your body will go in fight and flight conditions. This response of your body can speed up your metabolism. This condition is medically termed as “Acute stress response”. This physiological mechanism will warn your body to respond to a perceived threat.
Your body will take action and will prepare your body by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline will help your body by preparing it for vigorous activity. But this hormone will decrease your desire to eat. 

Cortisol hormones will send the signal to your body to temporarily suppress activities that are not very essential during a crisis period. The functions that are suppressed during depression are digestive, reproductive and immune system functions. 

Depression cause gastrointestinal distress.

In case, when your body is on fight and flight mode, your body will slow the process of digestion so that it can concentrate to find the way to respond to the stressor. 

This slow digestion causes many gastrointestinal discomforts like:
· Heartburn
· Stomach pain
· Constipation
· Diarrhea.

In case when your body stays in depression for a long time, the above symptoms will amplify and will result in conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. 

All these changes will cause you to eat less and will lead to weight loss. 

Depression and weight loss

Depression and loss of desire to eat

Stress will complicate that much so that you will unable to think about anything else. Thus stress will affect your eating habits. Because of depression, you will not feel hungry and you may forget to eat. This leads to weight loss. 

Depression and the ability of your body to absorb nutrient

In the depression stage, the processes of food digestion change. Depression has an impact on your vagus nerve and it will affect how your body absorbs nutrient, digest and metabolizes food. 

Nervous movement burns calories

Physical activities are adopted by several peoples to burn calories. Exercise and more physical activity result in an endorphin rush that causes a reduction in stress and it results in unexpected weight loss. 
In the case of depression, there may be a trigger of unconscious movements like foot tapping, or finger clicking. These unconscious activities may reduce your stress but will cause the burning of calories. 

Cortisol production will be affected by sleep disruption

A stressed person seems to feel insomnia and stay asleep. Stress can also affect the quality of sleep. This will lead to a sluggish routine and fatigue the whole day. All of these disruptions lead to abnormal cortisol production and it can affect your metabolism.   

When you must aware of your unexpected weight loss

Dropping off a pound or two is no reason for concern. But undesired and unexpected weight loss can make you weak. 

You must consult your doctor in the case when you drop five percent or more of your overall weight in just a 6 to 12-month interval. 

You should also consult your doctor in case:

· When you are losing weight without trying.
· You are facing chronic headaches.
· When you are feeling chest pain.
· When you feel dependent on alcohol or any other kind of drugs as a way to cope.

Your doctor will diagnose that your weight loss is because of depression or because of any other reason.  

How to get rid of weight loss anxiety symptoms

Feeling relax and eliminating stress is the only way to gain back your weight and get rid of undesired weight loss. You can take treatment to reduce your body stress and try to stay happy. Avoid unnecessary stress. Take full rest to reduce body metabolism. Spend more and more time with family and your loved ones. Take nutritional supplements. 

These all will help you to relieve your stress. Once you overcome your stress, you will regain your weight. Depression and weight loss.

In case when you are unable to overcome your depression, its time to consult your doctor and look for some medical help. 

Depression and weight loss

Final words

Self-motivation and confidence with experienced anxiety disorder therapists is the best combination and most effective way to address weight loss due to depression. Please like, share and comment on any query.  

Thank you