Reason of Weakness In Man

Reason of Weakness In Man Erectile dysfunction. (ED) is the most common sex problem that is reported to the doctors by men. Around 30 million men are affected by this. Troubled while keeping an erection that much firm which is needed for sex is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s not rare to face such problems from time to time, if it happens regularly or timely then it's not normal and ED needs to get treated.

Reason of Weakness In Man

Limited blood flow in the penis or harmed nerves
Emotional stress or anxiety/stress can be another reason
Due to certain illness/ diseases, like atherosclerosis (hardening or blocked arteries), heart disease, high blood pressure or high blood sugar because of diabetes

Reason of Weakness In Man

It’s necessary to the cause to help oneself in its overall well-being. It can be considered as a rule that what is good for heart health is good for sexual health as well. Nerves release few chemicals that increase the blood flow into the penis and then a person feels aroused. The penis becomes firm due to the pressure of blood in the chambers that causes an erection. The erection comes down when the man gets orgasms the pressure pulls back. The soft and limp penis means the person is not sexually aroused. The size of the penis varies and it is normal as blood flows differently.
Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction: Primary care provider or a Urologist can help when Erection becomes abnormal or ED is bothersome. A person suffering from cardiovascular disease may face the symptoms of ED this indicates blockages that build in a man's vascular system.

Reason of Weakness In Man

ED also causes many other issues:

Emotional distress with the partner
Low self-esteem
Can face heart attack
If ED affects a man's personal well-being or his relationships, it needs to get treated. Treatment will fix or enhance erectile function, improve circulatory health and helps in getting a qualitative lifestyle.
ED causes various personal, emotional and other physical health issues.

 Certain risk factors involve:

Having diabetes
Having high blood pressure 
Having cardiovascular disease
Having high levels of cholesterol
Drug abuse or high amount of alcohol consumption

ED happens due to certain physical causes. Such as:

Enough blood doesn’t flow into the penis.
Blood is not trapped in the penis during the erection
Penis doesn’t get nerve signals or signals from the spinal cord
Diabetes causes nerve damage to the penis
Penis' functionality  can be affected due to cancer treatments near the pelvis
Drugs helping to treat other illness reasons can develop ED

Psychological reasons underlined as follows:

Emotional or relationship conflicts
Depression and  Anxiety
Home or work stress
Social, cultural or religious conflicts
Worrying about sexual performance
It’s better to find the cause and then rely on the treatments for ED. Your health care provider will start questioning you about your health like cardiovascular health, checking blood pressure and blood sugar and then come to the conclusion of the problem of ED and give the treatment accordingly. You will be lab-tested or will be giving a physical exam or consulting the urologists.Reason of Weakness In Man.
ED follows the following possible treatments: Firstly non- invasive treatments are tried. Most of the treatments for ED work well and are safe. Though the help provider helps you in all firms or all kinds of possible cases, treatments do have side effects and they are too of major concern.

Reason of Weakness In Man

 Treatments correcting ED are:

Drugs or pills orally taken also known as phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors are the most prescribed pills for ED (Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Levitra)
Therapy of testosterones  (detection of low levels of testosterone in the bloodstream)
Injections for Penile  (ICI, intracavernosal Alprostadil)
Intraurethral medication (IU, Alprostadil)
Erection devices
Implanting penile
Artery damage can be bypassed by surgical treatments for the sufferers of severe pelvic trauma but this surgery is only recommended for younger people. It is not recommended for older men with hardened arteries.
Supplements: Supplements are always popular and often cheaper than the prescribed drugs for Erectile Dysfunction. Till now no tests have been conducted to check whether supplements provide a significant feedback to curb the problem of  ED. BootleggedPDE 5 Inhibitors are found as the major ingredient and source for all the possible over counter treatment products that cure ED. The amounts of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Stendra that are been provided in these drugs may differ and the supplements vary from pill to pill in terms of their composition and effectiveness. Though consumer warnings and alerts are given on the consumer products and one should check before buying them in order to ensure whether it will help you or harm you. So dont buy any supplements without a doctor's advice. So buy them specifically that solves your purpose. It’s not about quantity or price but all that matters is the quality.
Natural treatment: Alternative therapies to treat sexual dysfunction is not recommended by The Food and Drug Association (FDA). Herbal Viagra or natural sexual enhancement products are also possible which curb the various sexual problems specifically the problem of erectile dysfunction ,but till now no clinical or  scientific solution provide the significant reasons that these remedies provide solution to ED and certain chemical synthetic compounds are found in these products which does not work well too all and even do not fulfill the natural needs that it wont cause any harm .the FDA warns its consumer that even if prescribed one should not take any such product which is contaminated.
After treatment: Reason of Weakness In Man. All of the ED treatments (except for implant surgery) are used as needed for sex and then they lose their effectiveness. The treatments only help to curb the symptoms but do not guarantee to improve the problem undergoing the penis. It’s a factual thing that all medications or treatments do not help in curing the disease at the root level. Some of the diseases are meant to be cured but some have cure only for symptoms. The same is the case for erectile dysfunction.